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3 Bedroom 2 Bath 1,200 sq.ft. Compare at $135,000

On Your Land

3 Bedroom 2 Bath 1,200 sq ft True Modular™ Home
Compare this home at $135,000. Call for finished price on your land. Prices may include crawlspace foundation or basement. Porches and garages may also be included in your total price.

Select Homes builds foundations that exceed local building codes and crane sets the modular home sections on the foundation sill-plate. This is usually accomplished in one day.

The Alleghany

The Alleghany by Select Homes, Inc. See Display | Register for Display Models

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Modular Homes

Modular homes are the latest in technological innovation yet they are nothing new to Select Homes. Modular homes have been built by Select Homes for over 40 years

Select Homes, Inc. True Modular™ Outlet corporate office is in Asheboro, NC. where it started in 1984.

Modular Homes are built in a factory and transported to the site on a carrier.  A modular home that is left on the carrier is called on frame and a home taken off the carrier with a crane is called off carrier.  The difference is huge when it comes to financing.

In 2003 Fannie Mae issued a guideline stating all reasonable comparisons of homes with frames shall be mobile homes unlike modular homes which are off frame.

True Modular™ Means Better BuiltTrue Modular™ is a trademark of Select Homes, Inc.  What that means in all differences from reasonably comparable site built is an improvement.

Homes by Select
A privately owned business located in North Carolina. With 200+ years of experience in True Modular built housing, our owner have brought their proven vision and leadership to create a special home building company. Our goal is to make home ownership affordable to more people by creating a home-to-be-proud-of at a great price. You want more for your hard-earned money, and we believe we can give it to you.

Select True Modular homes are computer engineered to meet all national, state and local building standards. With hundreds of stock plans to start with, and the ability to computer generate unlimited variations, the design of your "dream home" is only limited to your imagination.

As with traditional building methods, a modular home starts with its framework. Select True  Modular homes typically use 20% to 30% more material in the framing to insure a safe and secure trip to its destination. Most factories glue as well as nail or screw the components of the home together for a more solid assembly.
Most modular homes are now built in a modern controlled environment using high quality materials. They are precision engineered for a lifetime of trouble-free structural durability. Quality control is maintained by constant inspection throughout the construction process.
In starting a modular home, great detail is given to the layout and strength of the floor, since this is what will carry the weight of the rest of the home. After the floor joist and sub-flooring are in place, the wall panels are put in place. The wall panels will already have the sheet rock on the inside. The electric and plumbing can then be installed. After the wiring and piping is done, all nooks, crannies and crevices are sealed with insulation and the wall cavity is insulated.

Next comes the exterior sheathing, roofing and finished siding. Somewhere in the midst of all this, the windows and doors, bath and kitchen fixtures, carpets, cabinets, and heating units are installed. The completed product is then wrapped with a protective material for shipping, loaded on trailers and sent on its way to you. Of course this is an oversimplified description. This is the way real homes should be built!

Building a better home
Mostly every business today is looking for more effective and efficient ways to create a better-built product in a timely manner at a more affordable price for its home buyers. Perhaps you have seen preassembled car doors ready to be hinged to the car frame... or dash boards with all of their many electrical components...even steering wheels-and-columns delivered to a car manufacturer for assembly in the manufacturing facility. Each of these components has many parts and is called a SYSTEM. Each is engineered and assembled with strict attention to specifications and quality control, then brought to a central location
( In the Dry) for the assembly of a completed automobile for you! 

Building Systems
Most people will ask themselves, "Why build any other way?"
  • Leader in innovative residential design
  • Specializing in Select True "off-frame" modular construction
  • High quality products and materials
  • Wide variety of attractive standard plans
  • Customized plans available
  • Countless optional features
Select Homes in North Carolina builds modular homes in every county in the state.  There are 16 select homes locations in 3 states and 11 of them are in North Carolina.

March Special

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Modular Homes Lynchburg, VA

Select Homes, Inc.

Modular Homes Lynchburg, VA.  Select Homes, Inc. True Modular Homes built on your land.  No money down for qualified land owners.

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